More Than Just Background

Wallpaper has existed for hundreds of years and continues to be a part of our lives, falling in and out of popularity. It has evolved with the times, though its most timeless designs are still loved today. Wallpaper may just be in the background, but if it didn’t exist, we are sure that we would miss it. Keep reading to learn interesting facts about wallpaper and be sure to shop for modern wall murals in trendy designs, hand-painted wallpaper that is one of a kind, and classic chinoiserie mural wallpaper. We offer a variety of designs printed on commercial-grade wallpaper that can be a perfect fit for your apartment, office, boutique, and home. Shop Mural Sources!

What is Pattern Repeat? 

If you shop Mural Sources and other sources for mural wallpaper, you will see the term “pattern repeat.” The pattern repeat is the smallest rectangle that has the entire pattern on it. Understanding the size of the repeat is helpful when determining if the pattern will fit with your room’s size and aesthetic. This is also important to consider when you are installing your wallpaper.

How is Wallpaper Printed?

Wallpaper can be printed in a variety of ways and usually is made in large rolls so that the repeating pattern is consistent. Wallpaper can be made using surface printing, gravure printing, silk-screen printing, rotary printing, and digital printing. As we mentioned above, there is even some wallpaper that is hand-printed or hand-painted.

What is Modern Wallpaper?

All the different types of wallpaper allow for a variety of patterns, styles, and even customized looks. Usually you can find non-woven wallpaper, paper wallpaper, or even photo and metal wallpaper. However, wallpaper isn’t just to make your room pretty. Some high-tech wallpaper is used to block cell phone and wifi signals, and another kind, seismic wallpaper, is used to keep masonry together during an earthquake.

What is the History of Wallpaper? 

An entirely separate blog post could be devoted to the history of wallpaper. However, we will summarize it here. Wallpaper became a part of daily life in Europe well before the 1700s. Often, wallpaper was made to imitate something else like tapestries, fabrics, pictures, and landscapes. Early wallpaper was hung loose as a substitute for the tapestries that used to decorate the walls of large aristocratic homes and castles. Many wallpaper designs were printed by hand with carved blocks of wood, and sometimes hand-painted by notable artists. Europe wasn’t the only country that appreciated wallpaper. China also started installing wallpaper in noteworthy places and was always hand-painted, making it an expensive luxury. Many of these original wallpaper looks are still popular today. However, modern takes on classic wallpaper designs utilize current art trends. One example of this is Tsang Kin-Wah’s wallpaper installations. This well-known Hong-Kong painter creates word-art-centric wallpaper styled like William Morris’s floral designs.

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