A Timeless Essential: Chinoiserie Mural Wallpaper

Welcome back to the Mural Sources blog! Your source for all things interior design and your place to find advice for creating the perfect space. We at Mural Sources offer mural wallpaper that is unique, trendy, timeless, and modern. One our absolute favorite modern wall murals is our chinoiserie mural wallpaper. It is a timeless look and can go with many design aesthetics. Read our blog to learn more about how to utilize chinoiserie in your designs and be sure to shop MuralSources.com for beautiful, high-quality mural wallpaper.

One Wall Mural 

Installing chinoiserie on all of your walls can be beautiful and fit the aesthetic that you are looking for. However, for certain spaces, having each wall covered with a mural can be, to put it bluntly, overwhelming. For this reason, we at Mural Sources suggest that you install it on one wall as an accent. This way, you still get the beautiful effects of the design without overwhelming the room. Choose it to be the backdrop for a well-placed couch or loveseat, or even behind the master bedroom bed. Pick a design with the same colors as the other elements in your room or choose one that is completely different to give the space an eclectic look.

Chinoiserie Panels

Creating chinoiserie panels can also be a beautiful way to incorporate chinoiserie mural wallpaper into your room’s aesthetic and give you many options for creating a space that matches your style and fits your budget. Because of its beauty and flexibility, depending on the design that you choose, you have many options when it comes to creating one or multiple chinoiserie panels. Some decide to use just one big panel and others have the space to create multiple panels.

A Large Framed Picture

Chinoiserie is beautiful enough to cover a wall or to frame as a picture and as a centerpiece for any room. The overall aesthetic that you are creating will determine the type and style of frame that you choose. For an elegant style and one reminiscent of old European style, choose to use a gold frame. If you wish to channel an Asian-inspired look, bamboo or wood frames look fantastic with many colors of chinoiserie. For a modern style, choose to go frameless and wrap the wallpaper panels around wooden frames. White frames with spring-themed chinoiserie are excellent accents for floral, feminine rooms, and if you like an electric atmosphere, choose matching or complimenting frames that you like.

Consecutive Panels

Consecutive panels of chinoiserie mural wallpaper are a great way to give your room a modern accent wall or statement centerpiece. Frame three panels of the same size or with a wider one in the center. Place the frames on the wall to create a window-like effect or serve as the centerpiece over a bed or couch. You can use a complementing color to get the most pop and contrast, or consider using panels of the same color as the wall if your room’s walls are all the same color. This adds visual interest to a room without creating much contrast. You can also use chinoiserie as the backdrop for your staircase. We always suggest choosing three matching frames if you decide to use a series of panels.

Partial Wall Coverage

Many colonial-style and other older homes used to be covered with wood paneling on the lower half of the wall and wallpaper covering the top half. In modern homes, some are still doing this style, with paneling on the bottom and wallpaper on the top, or two different types of wallpaper on the wall separated by chair rail or similar-looking molding.

Ceiling Coverage

Putting wallpaper on the ceiling can be a risky move, but in many cases, it works depending on the room that you are working with. Installing wallpaper on the ceiling with crown molding can look modern and timeless. Chinoiserie may look best on the vertical spaces of your room. However, sometimes it can be the accent that you are looking for installed on the ceiling.

Decoupage the Furniture

Lastly, you can use mural wallpaper to decoupage the furniture. Place it under a glass top of a table or install it in the back of your bookcase for an interesting background. Choosing a piece of furniture without too many curves and as an accent on one part of the furniture is best.
There really isn’t a wrong way to use chinoiserie in your designs. It is a timeless design that has been celebrated for hundreds of years and we feel will be beloved for many years to come.

Shop Mural Sources For Modern Designs

If you are wanting to incorporate chinoiserie mural wallpaper into your design, shop Mural Sources! We provide modern, commercial-grade mural wallpaper for interior designers, businesses, and anyone wanting a unique and modern look for their room. Our chinoiserie murals come in a variety of colors, including muted neutral tones such as green, taupe, and yellow. We also offer pastels like purple, blue, pink, peach, as well as bolder colors like blue, orange, and green. Shop our entire inventory of high quality modern wall murals.


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