Modern Wall Murals: How They Can Change Everything

Welcome back to the Mural Sources blog! It seems that some are reluctant to use wallpaper murals because wall paper can be easily be associated with old stuffy designs. However, modern wall murals aren’t like your grandmother’s stuffy, old wallpaper. They have modern and timeless designs that can significantly change a “nice” looking room into a complete showstopper. A modern wall mural can enhance your interior designs in a variety of ways.

Effectively Set the Atmosphere

Creating a compelling design includes effectively setting the atmosphere. A modern wall mural can do exactly that. Install a chinoiserie wall mural for a timeless, sophisticated look or a modern wall mural with cherry blossoms, a desert scene, Venice, or other modern art. Placing a modern wall mural as a prominent part of your room can dramatically and effectively set the atmosphere in such a way that other decor elements can’t. Use one of our modern wall murals as a one-wall or whole-room mural or create stunning decor pieces by framing sections of your mural with decorative frames and placing them side-by-side.

Create Optical Illusions

Using a wallpaper to create an optical illusion is another way to create drama within your interior designs. Stretching the limits of interior design in this way allows you to embrace whimsical nature scenes, a quiet park, or an Italian villa. By creating these optical illusions, you are able to create a room that can truly transport those who enter to someplace more exotic, tranquil, or of an entirely different time in history. 

Add to A Room’s Color Pallet

If you wish to create a room that has a more expansive color pallet, a modern wall mural can be an effective way to do that without creating a overly stimulating and chaotic room. Because it is in the background a wall mural avoids the previous mentioned issues, but still adds depth and texture. Also, use a wall mural to dictate which small pops of color to add to the overall design of your room.

Create Modern, Innovative Designs

Much of interior design is taking old designs and incorporating them into a room in a new way. Modern wall murals can do just that. They can provide a modern twist on a room that has become stale or one that seems a little been-there-done-that. If your client is looking for a room that is something that they’ve never seen before or want to completely transform an old, tired space, adding a modern, timeless wall mural to one or more walls of that room can do just the trick.

Mural Sources’ Modern Wall Murals

Mural Sources provides modern wall murals of a variety of styles that can create drama, texture, and expand the possibilities of your interiors. Shop our full inventory of modern wall murals. We offer modern murals, chinoiserie murals, panoramic murals, Panneaux, and Oliver Rochefort hand painted wallpaper panels. All of our modern wall murals meet ASTM 790 standards for commercial wallpaper and can be a great addition to a residential or commercial space. Wow your clients with innovative designs and shop


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