Timeless Interior Design & Chinoiserie - Part 2

Welcome back to the Mural Sources blog! In our last blog post, we began discussing how to create timeless interior design with chinoiserie. We are sure that you have some clients who want to change up their home’s aesthetic on a regular basis. However, there are those who don’t and so it is up to you to create an aesthetic that is transcendent, vertistile, meets expectations, and, in many cases, turns a house into a chic and inviting home.

What is Chinoiserie—A Review

Chinoiserie uses visual tropes from both European and Asian cultures to celebrate scenes in nature; it is a design that has withstood the test of time, falling in and out of popularity throughout the centuries. Due to its versatility, it has been used in the palaces of kings, as well as college flats of the young up-and-coming. Because it comes in a variety of designs and patterns, it lends itself to a variety of aesthetics.

Chinoiserie & Modern Interior Design

If you choose to incorporate chinoiserie into your clients interior design, you have many options  when it comes to picking the other elements of the room. In our last post, we discussed how you could stick to a classic chic look with earth tones and antique furniture or you could use orchids, potted plants, garden stools, and Asian urns to create a elegant, eclectic look. Today, we are going to discuss more modern design ideas that can transform any space into a work of art.

Modern & Minimalist

Because of chinoiserie timelessness, when it is used in a space, it adds a sense of history and culture. Using it minimally can give your room a sophisticated, open appeal. If you decide to use chinoiserie mural wallpaper, choose simple, modern furniture designs. Instead of covering your walls, you could create beautiful panels by framing sections of your mural with matching decorative frames. As for the other pieces in the room, choosing minimal, yet eclectic and modern pieces will tie the entire room together seamlessly.

Splashes of Color

Because chinoiserie designs comes in a variety of colors it can be used as a splash of color or to add dimension to an already colorful room. You can use it as the main color theme creating a bright, matchy space, or as part of a brightly colored, eclectic, cultured room. Use chinoiserie as the focal point of a room or as the backdrop to display modern art and complimentary decor pieces from cultures.

High-Quality Chinoiserie Mural Wallpaper For Commercial & Residential Projects

If you decide that you want to incorporate chinoiserie into your client’s aesthetic, Mural Sources offers high-quality chinoiserie mural wallpaper in a variety of colors, styles, and patterns. Each wallpaper we inventory is made from high-quality materials and meets ASTM 790 standards for commercial wallpaper. If chinoiserie mural wallpaper isn’t what you are you are looking for, we provide a variety of other timeless, elegant, modern mural wallpapers, including hand-painted wallpaper. To learn more about our modern wall mural wallpapers, shop MuralSources.com.


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